It’s Launch Day for my Book, Cross Examined!

Cover of "Cross Examined" by Bob SeidenstickerIt’s launch day for my new book—please buy early and often!

I posted a summary of the book yesterday, but here’s the one-liner: a young man takes a reluctant journey into the defense of Christianity and realizes that the truth of religion is something you must decide for yourself.

While the books of the New Atheists are nonfiction rebuttals of the reasons for Christianity, Cross Examined: An Unconventional Spiritual Journey explores that material as fiction.  I hope that for many readers, ideas that might be tedious or boring become part of an engaging and mind-broadening journey.

Atheism has been a plot element in many novels, but this may be the first that explores the specific arguments in defense of Christianity that are energetically discussed in society today.  Whether you’re a thoughtful Christian who enjoyed the intellectual workout of books such as C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity or an atheist who prefers Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion, this book has something for you.

Buy Cross Examined at Amazon today (270 pages, paperback, $11.95).

Thank you!

10 thoughts on “It’s Launch Day for my Book, Cross Examined!

  1. Congratulations Bob!

    Keep us posted on how well the book does, I’m hoping you might do some interviews on a few podcasts.

    • Thanks! As you’ve probably heard, the skill set for being an author is roughly the opposite of being a promoter/marketer. But I would indeed like to get the word out through other bloggers.

      • My favorite quote so far is: “Your mind is an engine to be harnessed, not a vessel to be filled.”

      • Thanks!

        I’m still working on the online Notes page. I’ll probably announce it in the blog, but you can look up Bible quotes. In any case where I modified someone else’s quote for the book, I will put the original quote and author on the Notes page. I doubt that quote is original with me.

      • I’m up to chapter nine, and it’s been a very good read so far.

        Anyone’s concern or complaint that the book is biased is so far unfounded. Much of it has been deja vu for me, as it reminds me of several of the real life discussions we’ve had on’s forum over the last few years.

        All the characters are believable and engaging, and I’m anticipating how they are all going to converge as the story develops.

        My latest favorite quote is: “To release what we were taught as children can be frightening, but it is the path to wisdom. If the lessons from childhood are true, we will find them again.”

      • I’m glad to hear that it’s still engaging! I doubt anything you say would impress either Mathetes or RandomFunction (the Former). I guess it’s not for everyone.

        I may be repeating myself, but my hope is to do what (I think) Sam Harris’s Letter to a Christian Nation did not–encourage the Christian reader to think. As you conclude, let me know if I succeeded there.

      • I finished the book!

        The second half will definitely be more of a challenge to believers, but if they don’t quit reading, I think they’ll find the ending to be worth it.

        I like the complexity of the characters, and just like Moses and King David, the characters are less than perfect, with less than perfect backgrounds.

        I think it’d be fair to say this book will “encourage believers to think”. I also think that non-believers will find the book thought provoking as well.

        I’m passing the book on to my wife and daughter to read next…

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