Don’t Like Abortion? Then Support Sex Education

There’s a reality disconnect within the pro-life community. They reject abortion while they also reject the solution to abortion, sex education. Is abortion an American Holocaust, as Ray Comfort says? If so, then join forces with the pro-choice camp and teach teens how to avoid it!

Being against abortion but rejecting sex education is like being against deaths through unclean water but rejecting sewer systems.

Here’s an excellent infographic on sex education from Pass it on.

Reproductive Health Education
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5 thoughts on “Don’t Like Abortion? Then Support Sex Education

  1. I’m not sure that promoting birth control is the panacea to the unwanted pregnancy problem that we are facing. One only needs to look at the map to see that Wyoming (at least I think it’s Wyoming, my US geography gets hazy after the big states :-)) has one of the lowest teenage pregnancy rates, bettered by only New Hampshire? and Vermont?, despite having an abstinence only policy. One can also see that comprehensive sex-ed is not faring too well in New York and the map doesn’t indicate what policy Nevada implements despite teenage pregnancies there being at a similar level to Texas.

    Which makes you begin to think that maybe sex education on its own is not the solution to these problems. It makes you begin to ask: What do Vermont, New Hampshire and Wyoming have in common, that separates them from New York, Nevada and Texas?

    I think you will find that many people (though not all) who oppose promoting birth control i schools do so for reasons other than effectiveness in birth control. The infographic attributes the drop in teen pregnancies in recent years to birth control, and yet doesn’t seem to find the same cause in the increase in chlamydia rates over a similar time period. Sometimes today’s solutions are the cause of tomorrow’s problems.

    • Sex education and birth control won’t drop abortion rates to zero, but there’s much room to improve.

      I think you will find that many people (though not all) who oppose promoting birth control i schools do so for reasons other than effectiveness in birth control.

      Right–they do it for some sort of religious/moral reason. My conclusion: abortion can’t be the holocaust that they say it is if it’s so easy for them to avoid taking steps that would reduce abortion.

      I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: the Netherlands have about 1/10 the per capita abortion rate that we do. I’ll be delighted to consider any explanation for why there’s the difference, but I hope we can agree that the US stats are abysmal and that there’s room for improvment.

  2. Not sure sex education is a fix for abortion. Less than 7% of all abortions are from those under 18 years of age.

    • Or 20%, as this site says. Or maybe 24%.

      And then the next group, 20-24 years old, is twice that number.

      Seems to me that education–not just about the mechanics but also to encourage the students to consider the consequences and alternatives–would do a lot of good.

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