The Book “Cross Examined”

“A fascinating novel of ideas … puts a whole new light on apologetics.”
— Dr. Robert M. Price, author of Deconstructing Jesus, The Case Against the Case for Christ, and many other books

“I enjoyed the book for its value as a story. It’s a riveting tale, and the author is to be commended for being an excellent story teller.… If you like a good story, are interested in apologetics arguments, [and] care to face arguments that oppose your faith, … I recommend that you read this book.”
— Pastor Jason Skipper (

“Bob Seidensticker’s Cross Examined is a great read on two fronts. You won’t find a better book on Christian apologetics and the rebuttals … and the story is compelling, with a startling climax. Highly recommended.”
— Paul Gabel, author of Inventing Jesus: The New Testament Narrative as Fiction

Book cover for "Cross Examined" by Bob SeidenstickerIn 1906, three men share a destiny forged by a prophecy of destruction. That prophecy comes true with staggering force with the San Francisco earthquake and fire, and young assistant pastor Paul Winston is cast into spiritual darkness when his fiancée is among the dead. Soon Paul finds himself torn between two powerful mentors: the charismatic pastor who rescued him from the street and an eccentric atheist who gradually undercuts Christianity’s intellectual foundation.

As he grapples with the shock to love and faith, Paul’s past haunts him. He struggles to retain his faith, the redemptive lifesaver that keeps him afloat in a sea of guilt.

But the belief that once saved him now threatens to destroy the man he is becoming.

Paul discovers that redemption comes in many forms. A miracle of life. A fall from grace. A friend resurrected. A secret discovered. And maybe, a new path taken. He realizes that religion is too important to let someone else decide it for him. The choice in the end is his—will it be one he can live with?

Cross Examined challenges the popular intellectual arguments for Christianity and invites the reader to shore them up … or discard them. Take the journey and see where it leads you.

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10 thoughts on “The Book “Cross Examined”

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  2. Bob, I really enjoyed your book. It was one of first books that refute Christian apologetics that was fun to read. I received and education and enjoyed doing so. I also bought a copy for my mother, who, having been raised a Christian, but now is just somewhat spiritual, found the book unsettling. However, I have an earnest question.

    (Spoiler deleted …)

    • Thanks for the praise! I’m delighted that you found the book useful.

      To avoid spoilers, I’ll give you my thoughts on the ending by email.

  3. Bob, I just finished “Cross Examined” & found it to be quite thought provoking. Your approach of introducing apologetics within the context of a novel is one that could be very effective in engaging a Christian readership in a non-threatening manner. I was intrigued with the ending of the book & hope I get a chance to discuss it with you @ the Atheist Bible Study on July 14.

    • Positive feedback makes the day of any author. Thanks!

      Yes, my target audience is Christians. I think that they will find the challenges pointed but reasonable. If you have any ideas on church leaders who might find this interesting, let me know. I’m on the same page as many Christian leaders (if I’m to believe what they say), so I’m faintly optimistic.

      • Oh Bob,

        Jews & Christians are pussy cats. Its time you took the tiger by the tail & tackle Mohammedanism, The first 2 are a spent force, but atheists, agnostics, feminists etc, are afraid to tackle the CULT OF DEATH, that will take away all our freedoms. Remember, although atheists are increasing in number, they don’t CONGREGATE – MOHAMMEDANS do & so get away with literal murder.


        These savages are allowed to build mosques everywhere, but if neo-Nazis started to build beer halls, they would be closed down.

        Common elements of Islam with fascism

        Islam is a religion with a very political agenda. The ultimate goal of Islam is to rule the world. But what kind of government an Islamic state would have?
        It certainly won’t be democratic. Islam is not compatible with democracy. Amir Taheri, an Iranian born author/journalist in a debate on Islam and democracy argued that in fact the word democracy does not exist in any of the languages spoken by Muslims. “To understand a civilization,” Taheri said, “it is important to understand its vocabulary. If it was not on their tongues it is likely that it was not on their minds either.”
        Democracy implies equality. But equality is unacceptable in Islam. Un-believers cannot be equal to believers and women are not equal to men. Even the non-Muslims are not deemed to be equal. The People of the Book (Jews and Christians) are accepted as second class citizens and allowed to live in an Islamic state provided they pay the protection tax; Jizyah. But the pagans, atheists and idolaters are not regarded as fully humans. According to the Quran, the idolaters are to be killed wherever they are found. (9:5)
        In the April 9, 2002 issue, The Wall Street Journal published the concept of blood money in Saudi Arabia. If a person has been killed or caused to die by another, the latter has to pay blood money or compensation, as follow.
        100,000 riyals if the victim is a Muslim man
        50,000 riyals if a Muslim woman
        50,000 riyals if a Christian man
        25,000 riyals if a Christian woman
        6,666 riyals if a Hindu man
        3,333 riyals if a Hindu woman
        According to this hierarchy, a Muslim man’s life is worth 33 times that of a Hindu woman. This hierarchy is based on the Islamic definition of human rights and is rooted in the Quran and Sharia (Islamic law). How can we talk of democracy when the concept of equality in Islam is inexistent?
        Of course killing the idolaters “where ye find them” was not always expedient. What would the Muslim rulers in India gain if they killed all the Hindus? Over whom would they rule? So pragmatism often prevailed and Muslim rulers would exert some degree of tolerance towards their pagan subjects. It is hard to find a Muslim ruler as ruthless as Muhammad himself. Muslim rulers killed whenever profit dictated and since live subjects were more profitable than dead ones, exterminations were not total as was intended by Muhammad. Nonetheless, their tolerance was out of political expediency. Muhammad’s butchery of his victims on the other hand, was psychopathological. He would massacre entire populations simply because they rejected him or hurt his narcissistic ego.
        The Christians and the Jews, the so called People of the Book, had some conditional rights. They had to pay Jizyah and buy their protection. Nonetheless they lived in a state of religious apartheid and were subject to humiliating treatments. For example, they were considered najis (impure) and were not allowed to go out in rainy days, lest their impurity rub on a passing Muslim, make him “impure” and annul his prayer.

        • Lucky Larry: I live in the U.S. Christianity is the big problem there. I’d prefer to focus on that problem first. Maybe after that, Islam.

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  5. Dear Bob;
    Wesat together for some time at the Discovery Institute’s presentation, where I mentioned cabals in Anthroplogy suppressing evidence,as well as Emperor Fredrick Barbarosa’s insistence that Universities,and thus science
    (maths (really codification of relationships), philosophy (really very strictly defined nomenclature),and hard sciences such as physics and Biology) had to be accredited as able to define a national policy along with clergy and the civil services.
    Thank you for your witness of your authentic experience. It is an honor.
    I have to ask of you a favor, by your leave: how can I comment,please? Does that require a subscription? ADVISE.
    Kindest regards, and carry on the righteous fight to be clear and filled with light.
    Robb Thurston

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